How to Book

Use the links to the left to explore the details of the programme then make your on-line booking using the shopping basket facility that is available throughout the site.

When your bookings are completed click the "View cart or Checkout"  hyperlink to go to the checkout where you can place the order with us. We will contact you within two working days to confirm your booking(s) and provide joining instructions.

Please inform us in advance of any required Purchase Order number(s) or other authorisations that may be needed to ensure we can activate your company payment system.

We will not generally invoice for the booking until after the event has been completed, the papers marked and appropriate certificates issued. If you insist on paying us before the event we will provide an invoice on request.

When you have received our invoice you can pay by using our Invoice Payment facility accessed by the hyperlink at the left of this screen to pay by credit card (not AMEX) or PayPal. Alternatively, send a Bacs payment or cheque using our banking details as shown on the invoice.

Please use the Contact Us system to ask for any further details that are not covered by our website information.