Public Training Courses

A comprehensive programme with 3 levels of study

The Class 7 RamMaster programme brings you 3 levels of practical RAM transport training. Designed to reflect the needs of today’s RAM transport professionals, the levels can be taken step-by-step at your own pace or studied consecutively to rapidly provide you with the highest level of training available.

This programme is recognised as a necessary step to becoming a suitably qualified and experienced person (SQEP).

Level 1 Foundation Module
Level 2 Basic Skills Modules
  • Road Consignment & Transport Module
  • Air Consignment Upgrade Module
  • Sea Consignment Upgrade Module
  • Mixed Radionnuclides Consignment Upgrade Module
  • US DOT Controls - 49CFR Upgrade Module
  • Rail Consignment & Transport Upgrade Module
Level 3 Advanced Skills Module
  • Advanced Skills Module

The Level 1 Foundation module is a free standing one-day training course.

All other modules are inter-linked and generally require a successful study of the Level 1 Foundation and Level 2 Road Consignment and Transport modules before undertaking any other Upgrade modules.